Who We are?!

@fazadotir is not only a website, but also a Professional Society in which every individual, in the context of an incremental collaboration, strives to add to his or her own assets, beneath being beneficial for his or her own people. As @fazadotir is an applied reference for users, it can also benefit from the users. The main core of @fazadotir is composed of Professionals in the field of Space and Aerospace, Electronics, Communication, Software and IT engineering, which initiated @fazadotir in creative and non-profit environment.

Our Mission…

We are looking to utilize all the internal and external capacities of our compatriots and interested professionals to promote space knowledge. @fazadotir will be a path for those who seek to maintain their rights while serving their country in every environment and place, and to establish necessary links with the institutions, organizations and organizations around whole the world.

Why @fazadotir?!

@fazadotir website, as a showcase of our community, can be a professional, cost-effective, and fast way to acquire, publish, and promote knowledge, technology and space experiences; so that each person will benefit from it according to their needs and optimally find the solutions. @fazadotir is also a safe opportunity in which the information of individuals and the flow of knowledge are done correctly and in accordance with the publisher's considerations. In this regard, @fazadotir will support all those who are interested to present their ideas and findings.

Our Services


@fazadotir provides the opportunity for all individuals and teams working in the field of Space to benefit from the Consult and Advice of experts and experienced people in this field. We offer you various advisory plans.


The courses, workshops and educational content provided by @fazadotir are the result of our many years of research, development and experience. These courses have been devised in various engineering and specialized fields related to Space technology.


@fazadotir is a fast, secure and, of course, optimal solution to supply the equipment you need to build your satellite. So take the opportunity to boot and design your own space system based on our products list!